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Galador is one of 8 continents on Eirn. Physically and geologically, Galador is the westernmost peninsula of Ariline, west of Kinchidor.

Galador is bounded to the west by the vast Sakracine Ocean, to the south is the cold antarctic water of the Ice Sea, and the north by the tropical Sun Sea. To the east, Galador is seperated from Kinchidor by the Horn Badlands leading to the Dragonspeak Mountains.

There is an inland sea, much like the Mediteranean in Galador. In the center of the sea is the island nation of Rokesia. Birthplace of Garien. To the south of Rokesia, but north of the colder regions of the continent, lies The Blue Federation States.

It is the default location of adventures in the Domains of Divinity campaign setting.


The name Galador takes its root in Elven. It is properly Gala-Doria, literally home-land. Of interesting note, Land in this sense is given less significance than other elvish words for "places of dwelling".

Before The Coming, the dragons (the only sapient beings at the time) did not separate the two continents in their geography, referring to the entire Ariline continent as a single landmass in their own tongue. Though unpronounceable in human speech, it is the seed word for Sakracine, as the name of the ocean.




Rokesia: Island of the witches. Garien's birthplace. Rokesia is ruled by a kind Queen. Queen Fellarna.(lawful goodelven female level 23 cleric of Ahura Amon)Rokesia is rich in silk, fish, and pearls. Very large crabs make the coasts of Rokesia home, and are extremely popular in Galadarian cuisine. Artists from Galador flock to Rokesia to see their painters and their famous plays.

The Blue Federation States: Home of a conglomeration of ruling wizards. The city states of the Blue Federation are similar to Greek city states, although they do include one single Commander In Chief, and one Domestic Minister. They have organized an army of wyvern riders for cavalry, and battle mages for infantry. No enemy has ever managed to defeat the Federation States in over one hundred years due to a very high population, elite units, gifted leaders, and abundant mithril.


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