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In the World of Greyhawk campaign setting and in the default pantheon of deities, Ehlonna is the goddess of Forests, Woodlands, Flora, Fauna, and Fertility. Ehlonna is known to the elves as "Ehlenestra".

Description[edit source]

Ehlonna is variously depicted as an elven or human woman, and often associates with unicorns and other sylvan creatures. When in human form, Ehlonna appears as a dark-haired human woman, but as Ehlenestra, she appears as a golden-haired elven maiden. She is served by a planetar named Novalee.

Relationships[edit source]

Ehlonna has an intense rivalry with Obad-Hai. Where the neutral good Ehlonna advocates the beauty and goodness of unspoiled nature, the true neutral Obad-Hai sees nature as brutal and uncompromising. She is friendly with the Seldarine and most good-aligned deities.

Dogma[edit source]

Ehlonna teaches that the animals and plants of the forests are gifts, and are not to be stolen. She is often the goddess of rangers and druids and opposes hunters and those who would rape the land for fun or profit.

Clergy and temples[edit source]

For clerics of Ehlonna/Ehlenestra, her domains include Animal, Celerity, Good, Plant, Purification, and Sun. Her holy symbol is a rampant unicorn, and her favored weapons are the longbow and the longsword.

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