Created By: LordRimus
Date Created: 18th June 2019
Status: Beta
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Prerequisites: Divine rank 16, Int 35, Cha 35, Create Object salient divine ability, Create Greater Object salient divine ability, Creation Domain.

You create a finite plane with limited access: a demiplane. Demiplanes created by this ability are small, minor planes. This ability works best when cast while you are on the Astral Plane (various spells allow access to these planes, including plane shift and gate).

Using this ability creates a local density fluctuation that precipitates the creation of a demiplane. At first, the fledgling plane has a 100 meters radius. This process takes one day. Once created, it slowly grows in radius for a year, to a maximum 1000 meters increase in radius. Once your demiplane is created, you can travel to it using plane shift or some other spell or permanent link that you arrange for separately.

You determine the environment within the demiplane when you cast word of genesis, reflecting most any desire you can visualize. You determine factors such as atmosphere, water, temperature, and the general shape of the terrain. This ability can create common vegetation, such as most common Trees and Grass of the material plane, but nothing magical, santient or of exceptional value. This power cannot create life, nor can it create objects or constructed elements (such as buildings, roads, wells, dungeons, and so forth). You must add these details in some other fashion if you desire. You can't create lingering magical effects with this power; you have to add those separately, if desired. Similarly, you can't create a demiplane out of esoteric material such as silver or uranium; you're limited to stone and dirt. You can't manipulate the time trait on your demiplane; its time trait is as the Material Plane.

Deity can use this ability once a year. For the initial part, deity must concentrate on creation of initial 100 meter radius of the demiplane for an hour, and after that it will grow for a year on its own. Deity can choose to create a new small demiplane or add another 1000 meters to the radius the year after, which still takes an hour of concentration. It can be made bigger each year indefinitely, but one deity cannot create more demiplanes with this ability than his divine ranks. Magic spells or abilities such as Genesis or Word of Genesis will not affect it in any way.

The created demiplane is Divinely Morphic for the creator deity, but is Alterable Morphic for everyone else. It have mildly the same Allignment as the creator Deity or Mildly Neutral, as deity chooses. Demiplane can be used as Deity's Godly Realm, but only one can be made so. The whole demiplane will count as Deity's Godly Realm

The deity must convert a considerable amount of its own energy in the creation, which always leaves the deity impaired. The deity must rest for a day after using this ability.

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