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Diamantinasaurus Edit

The Diamantinasaurus was a sauropod that lived in the Middle Cretaceous. It was an herbivore, meaning that it's a plant eater.

Colossal Animal Diamantinasaurus
Alignment Languages
Str (+) Dex (+) Wis (+)
Con (+) Int (+) Cha (+)

Diamantinasaurus LoreEdit

A character knows the following information with a successful check.

DC 15:
DC 20:
DC 25:

Encounter GroupsEdit

Level Encounter (XP )Edit
  • Lvl 12: Level 10 Diamantinasaurus, Level 19 Deinonychus, Level 20 Deinonychus
  • Lvl 50: Level 30 Diamantinasaurus, Level 30 Diamantinasaurus, Level 40 Diamantinasaurus

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