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The religions of Desparta are both myriad and legion in number. Very few religions believe in the same divine figures, and many see the other religions as simple misguided fools who believe in false gods or in false beliefs. However, all divine characters gain the powers that they would, and many simply have a belief or cause that gives the strength to channel the divine. Not all priests of a religion actually believe in the cause that they profess, preaching one thing and believing in another, while still getting the power that they profess to believe in, allowing them to keep their facade with no one any wiser while working their treacheries in the dark.

The following is an example of a religion, and is the main religion of Alphatia:

(CN) Feleth Re - Chaos, Fire, Air, Weather, Sun, Purification (LN) Feleth Ra - Law, Water, Earth, Animal, Plant, Pestilence The Twin Dieties of Nature, Feleth Re and Feleth Ra are the Serpents of Dawn and Dusk, whose twining forms define the world. They are black and white.

(CE) Korgana - Chaos, War, Evil, Death, Destruction, Madness Korgana is the Red Lady of Slaughter. She governs over berserkers, killers, and that which grows on the battlefield.

(LG) Korged - Law, Travel, War, Good, Strength, Protection Korged is Korgana's rebellious son. The Blue Marshal, he is the diety of the March, of honorable warfare, and of Paladins. Korged is at dire odds with his mother.

(CG) Rhun - Chaos, Trickery, Luck, Competition, Good, Liberation Rhin is the Yellow God of laughter, luck, and games. A friend of good rogues and bards, he is the patron of Inns and Taverns.

(NE) Vard - Evil, Trickery, Celerity, Death, Summoner, Cold Vard is the Indigo god of Treachery, the Summoner King, and father of Korged by an illicit affair with Korgana. Patron of thieves and assassins.

(LE) Gargath - Evil, Law, Inquisition, Domination, Pact, Magic Gargath is the Orange god of Evil Magic. He is the patron of tyrants and demon-binders, and of dark magics. He is married to Korgana, and ever frustrated by her. His brother is Vard. His sister is Prisma.

(N) Prisma - Oracle, Magic, Force, Knowledge, Mysticism, Mind Prisma is the Violet Godess of Magic. She is the patron of all magic users, especially diviners. Her brother is Gargath the Tyrant.

(NG) Troil - Good, Creation, Community, Healing, Glory, Dream Troil is the husband of Prisma, and Green God of Creation. He is the guardian of home hearth, patron of crafters and artisans, gifter of dreams, and a devout opponent of the undead.