History and BackgroundEdit

The year is 422 AB (After the Breaking). 422 years ago, the Desparta Terror, a war of unmatched size and ferocity, ended. To prevent such a thing from occuring again, the leaders of the kingdoms that remained after the war ended agreed to erect a powerful magical ward. The ward prevented all entities from crossing the borders between the kingdoms. Created with a combination of arcane and divine magic and Truespeech, the ward was meant to stand forever and to prevent any contact between the regions.

On both counts, it failed.

Through the centuries, an organization of powerful nobles has used a technique called Truebinding to maintain contact, helping to steer the cultures of the regions in such a way that they would not degenerate immediately into war should the ward ever cease to function.

Ten years ago, the ward did indeed cease to function. Full contact between the regions has returned, and people have begun to travel between them. Some regions, their differences clear, have already begun to fight, but will it end with the destruction of the world or a golden age of peace?

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