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Demon LordEdit

You have awakened the potential of your demonic heritage. Will you control the power, or will the power control you?

Prerequisite: 21st Level, Demonic Heritage feat, at least two feats that require the Demonic Heritage feat.

You have gained much power by awakening the potential of your demonic heritage. For good or ill, you've taken the next step in awakening the full potential of your demonic heritage. Your companions might be strong, fast, or even brilliant, but they are only mortals. You are a demon lord, destined for greatness!
Countless beings throughout the planes will eventually hear of your name. Some will seek to serve you, while others will seek to defeat or even kill you.

Route to ImmortalityEdit

Upon completion of your final quest, you must decide what to do with the power you have worked so hard to attain. The most obvious path open to you is to assume dominion of a prefecture in Vasidan. You might also seek out your demonic ancestor and either serve him or kill him to acquire HIS prefecture. You may instead take on the guise of a simple traveler, continuing to seek out adventure wherever it may lead. Or you might retire somewhere quiet, waiting for another would-be demon lord to seek your aid in awakening their demonic potential.

Demon Lord FeaturesEdit

All demon lords have the following class features.

Awakened Potential (21st Level): Your demonic potential awakens. Apply the following changes:
  • Your resistance granted by Demonic Heritage increases to 20 + one-half your level.
  • Your Charisma increases by +2.
  • You increase a physical ability score based on your Demonic Heritage element.
    • If you chose Fire, you gain +2 Strength.
    • If you chose Ice, you gain +2 Constitution.
    • If you chose Lightning, you gain +2 Dexterity.
Return From Vasidan (24th Level): If you die and are not returned to life within 12 hours, your body and possessions disappear. Twelve hours after your body disappearing (24 hours after death), a portal from Vasidan (layers 326-328 of the Abyss) appears, allowing you to return with all of your possessions. You may arrive at the place of your death, at the location of an ally, or at any place you consider a home or haven. This ability does not work if you die on Vasidan (layers 326-328 of the Abyss).
Full Potential (30th Level): Your demonic potential becomes fully realized, and you gain abilities according to which element you chose for your Demonic Heritage.
  • If you chose Fire, you ignore difficult terrain, and you can shift your speed as a move action.
  • If you chose Ice, you gain a swim speed equal to your speed and you gain the Aquatic ability (DMG, page 45).
  • If you chose Lightning, you gain a fly speed equal to your speed + 2, and you can hover.

Demon Lord PowerEdit

Demonic Regeneration Demon Lord Utility 26
You call to the power of your demonic heritage, unleashing a short surge of regenerative energy.
Usage::Daily ✦ Healing
Action Type::Minor Action Personal
Effect: You gain regeneration equal to your highest ability score until the end of the encounter.

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