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Delay Power [Augment][]

You can hold the effects of your psionic powers after using them, delaying the time until they take effect.

Tier: Paragon

Prerequisite: Psionic Augmentation class feature

Benefit: When you use a psionic power on your turn, you can spend 2 power points to delay the effects of the power until a later time. You must choose the target(s) or area the power will affect when you initially use it (i.e. when you choose to use this feat) and you must be within range of the targeted creature(s) or area when you use the power. You must also choose whether or not you will use any of the power's augments, and you provoke opportunity attacks immediately (if applicable) rather than when the power takes effect. Attack rolls, damage rolls, and the like are not rolled until the power actually takes effect. You can choose to delay the power until any one of the following conditions are met, chosen when you first use the power:

  • If the power affects an area (a blast, burst, or wall), you can delay its effects until a valid target enters one of the power's squares.
  • You can delay the power's effects for up to 5 rounds. The power's effects automatically take place at the beginning of your turn after the specified number of rounds.

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