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Balance: Wizard

Deformity, Frozen [Type::Vile, Type::Deformity] Summary::Your body is as cold as ice, muscles and ligaments stiff with frost and your heart stuttering around ice crystals, as the icy cold blossoms out around you. Prerequisites: Prerequisite::Evil Alignment, [[Prerequisite::Willing DeformityBoVD]]Benefit: You gain immunity to cold and vulnerability to fire. Also, at the beginning of each round, you may select a single weapon you wield. That weapon, for that round, induces mind-numbing cold on a hit, forcing the target of a successful hit from that weapon to make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 your HD + your Con modifier) or be affected as though by a slow spell for 1d6 rounds. On the other hand, at the beginning of each day, you roll 1d3, and, on a result of 1, you are affected as though by a slow spell yourself, for that day.

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