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Deformity, Black Blood [Type::Vile, Type::Deformity] Summary::You blood is black like oil, and thick like sludge, seeping out of your wounds and your pores like some grotesque infection. Prerequisites: Prerequisite::Evil Alignment, [[Prerequisite::Deformity (Blood)]], [[Prerequisite::Willing DeformityBoVD]]Benefit: Your blood has a mind of it's own, and, as it drips out of your body, moves across the ground, soaks into the soil, trying to infect everything it can reach. Whenever a creature comes into contact with your blood, they must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 your HD + your Con modifier) or become infected by you.

Every hour after becoming infected this way, the creature must make another Fortitude save, at the same DC, or take 1 point of Con damage, until it either dies, or succeeds on three such saves in a row (at which point the infection is fought off). While infected this way, the creature gets nosebleeds and spits up blood periodically, only, the blood they expel is actually your blood, which has been multiplying within them. If a creature dies because of this infection, their blood has been entirely replaced by yours, and it leaks out of their corpse constantly.

Other living things can also be infected by your blood as well, such as plants or fungi. These things get no saving throw against the effect, and are also filled with your blood, which winds up being rather unsettling, as a dying oak begins to drip black, thick blood. If the ground itself has come into contact with any amount of your blood, then one day later, the area around that ground is treated as though being underneath a unhallow effect, until that ground is purified by a hallow spell or similar effect.Special: A character with this feat cannot take the Deformity (Acid Blood) feat.

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