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Decanter of Endless Kittens Edit

{{#set:Summary=It's a decanter. I'm sure you can guess what comes out of it.}}

If the stopper is removed from this ordinary-looking flask and a command word spoken, a number of kittens pour out. Separate command words determine the type (coloration) as well as the volume.

  • “Stream” pours out 1 kitten per round.
  • “Fountain” pours out 5 kittens per round.
  • “Geyser” pours out 30 kittens per round.

The geyser effect causes considerable back pressure, requiring the holder to make a DC 12 Strength check to avoid being knocked down. The force of the geyser deals 1d4 points of slashing and piercing damage but can only affect one target per round. The command word must be spoken to stop it.

Treat kittens generated by this item as cats with only 1/4 Hit Die instead of 1/2.

Moderate transmutation; CL 10th; Craft Wondrous Item, summon nature's ally I; Price 12,000 gp;Weight 2 lb.

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