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{{#set:Type=Minor |Summary=A sickly yellow, white colored grain. It has no scent, and is rough in texture.}}

Death's Grain Edit

Death's Grain was created by a necromancer who sought to turn the world's population into his undead army so he could go conquer some different planes of existence. Sadly, he reproduced it to such success, that when having his undead minions milling him some grain for his bread, they confused the real grain with Death's Grain. Suffice to say, he ended up turning into a mindless undead himself, the plan to conquer the world thwarted.

Those who consume Death's Grain will turn into zombies 2d4 hours after consumption. The only way to cure or prevent this is to not consume the grain, or a Remove Disease-esque spell before the target turns undead. Death's Grain cannot be bought, only produced by infusing grain with large amounts of negative energy, which will show if Detect Magic is used.

The grain itself has a slight malevolent aura, and as such, a DC 15 Craft (Food), DC 20 Survival, or DC 25 Knowledge (Nature) will notify the individual that something about the grain is off and should probably not be consumed.

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