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Balance: Rogue

Death's Apprentice [Type::Grim] Summary::You may absorb damage taken by an ally instantly if it would otherwise kill him. Prerequisites: [[Prerequisite::Grim Transformation]], [[Prerequisite::Knowledge (religion) 6 ranks]]Benefit: In your study of death, you have begun to be able to choose who lives and dies, but at the risk of your own well-being. When a creature dies (reduced to -10 or less for living creatures or 0 for undead and constructs) of hit point damage within 30 feet, you may as an immediate action absorb the extra damage that would have killed the creature, taking that damage yourself and leaving the creature at -9 and stable (or 1 for undead and constructs). Regardless of any immunities or resistances you may have to the damage taken by the creature, you take the full extra damage amount.Special: This ability only works if the target creature is willing. Forms of harm that do not involve hit points, such as charm effects, temporary ability damage (including a reduction in Constitution), level draining, and death effects, are not affected by this ability.
If the creature uses a variant system or otherwise doesn't die at the given numbers, it still stabilizes one hit point away from death as normal.

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