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Balance: Rogue

Darksider [{{#arraymap: Aberrant, Abyssal Heritor, OR Devil-Touched|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::Something tried to get inside your head. Now it can't get out. {{#set:Prerequisite=None}}Benefit: You are the vessel of a terrible being that longs to wreak destruction and havoc in the world. Whenever you are the subject of a confirmed critical hit or succeed on a save against death or a death effect, you must make a Will save (DC 10 if caused by a critical hit, 20 if caused by death or a death effect) or fall into a berserker state similar to that of a barbarian's rage.

You enter a rage as a barbarian of your character level, but become an NPC under the DM's control of Chaotic Evil alignment (does not count as an alignment change) under a compulsion to destroy your enemies before taking any other actions. At the end of this rage, you revert back, but must make a Fortitude save (same DC as the Will save) or fall unconscious.

Drawback: You must save against effects that could affect extraplanar outsiders as if you were one; on a failed save, you are not affected by the triggering effect but instead receive a -2 profane penalty on Will saves for 1 hour.Special: Voluntarily failing any save associated with this feat causes you to suffer 1d4 points of Wisdom burn. If your Wisdom is burned below 0 by this effect, you become a Chaotic Evil NPC permanently unless drastic measures (such as miracle or wish) are taken to restore your mind.

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