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Balance: Wizard

Dancing and Stabbing Wizard {{#set:Type=General}} Summary::The fluidity of your murderous stabs blend with the somatic components of your spells so well, it's like you've choreographed it. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Dancing Wizard|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: When you use a standard action to cast a spell, you may also make an attack action. When you use a full-round action to cast a spell, you may also make a full attack action. If you take either of these options, you get a -3 penalty to all attacks you make during that action, and your Arcane Spell Failure chance increases by 20% for that spell.Example: Brobo Baskins, the insane Rogue/Sorcerer, would like to kill four Wizards and a small army of Goblins, so he takes a full attack action (doing one attack against each Wizard, because he's a nice little two-weapon sort of fellow) while simultaneously casting Widened Fireball on the Goblins. Unfortunately, his luck is terrible, so he only hits one of the Wizards, and Arcane Spell Failure ruins his Fireball spell.

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