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Dagger of Doors

Extremely beautifully crafted, this slender, curved dagger makes no effort to mask its magical nature. The blade is fashioned from the brightest polished silver, with strands of gold criss-crossing across its length like the veins in a leaf. There is no crossguard, only a golden ring, in the shape of a beast head, protecting the index finger. The hilt is fashioned from soft white suede. The pommel is made to look like the loop of a key, and is made from the same exquisite gold and silver.

This dagger is far from a normal weapon. In fact, there is nothing special about it, combat-wise, but its true power lies in its command word.

When the proper command word is spoken, and the dagger is swung, it lashes open the curtain of space, and opens a gate to another location, much like the spell (travel version only).

Weaknesses Edit

The dagger is as durable as a normal silver dagger, and can thus be damaged normally.

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