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Crystal of DisguiseEdit

{{#set:Summary=An armor crystal which allows you to customize its appearance, gain a glamered effect, or even alter itself into another type of armor.}}

Price (Item Level): 900 gp (4th) (least); 2,700 gp (8th) (lesser); 6,000 gp (12th) (greater)
Body Slot: — (armor crystal)
Caster Level: 5th
Aura: Moderate; (DC 17) illusion and transmutation
Activation: swift (mental)

This prism shines different colors as the angle changes. It's complex cut makes it seem to have more facets than it really has.


You may adjust the minor details of your armor at whim, changing its color, it's texture, and what it appears to be composed of. You cannot add or subtract major sections of armor and it behaves as normal armor otherwise, but makes for a good disguise. When used in a disguise, it grants +3 to your disguise check.


Armor bearing this crystal gain the effects of a Glamered enhancement, and you may have the armor take the appearance from anything from a normal suit of clothing, to full plate. This is an illusion, as it remains its original armor and you continue to take the armor check penalty as normal. When used in a disguise it grants a +6 to your disguise check.


In addition to the Lesser properties, you may choose to actually change your armor to any other sort of armor, from mere cloth to full plate. It remains composed of the same material as your original armor (although it may appear to be a different material), even when made into something the material could not be (an adamantine full plate turned into hide still counts as adamantine). You assume all the changes to armor bonus, armor check penalty, and other properties of the new armor as well as proficiency. When used in this matter it is not an illusion, and spells such as true seeing do not detect the armor's true nature. The bonus to disguise checks rises to +12.

Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, minor image, alter self

Cost to Create: 450 gp, 36 XP, 1 day (least); 1,350 gp, 108 XP, 2 days (lesser); 3,000 gp, 240 XP, 3 days (greater).

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