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Cryptographer [Skill]

You're good at reading things no one intended you to. {{#set:Summary=You're good at reading things no one intended you to. }}

Benefits: This is a skill feat that scales with your ranks in Decipher Script{{#set:Skill=Decipher Script}}.

  • 0 ranks: You gain +3 to your Decipher Script checks.
  • 4 ranks: You can decipher a written spell (like a scroll) without using read magic if you succeed on a Decipher Script check of DC 20 + the spell's level. You can try once per day on any particular written spell.
  • 9 ranks: You don't trigger written magic traps (like explosive runes or symbols) by reading them. You can disable them with Decipher Script as if you were using Disable Device. You can read the material hidden by a secret page with a DC 25 Decipher Script check.
  • 14 ranks: When you cast a spell from a scroll, the spell's save DC is equal to 10 + the spell's level + your Intelligence modifier + any other applicable bonuses, and its caster level is equal to your character level, plus other applicable bonuses.
  • 19 ranks: Reading text using Decipher Script is a free action for you. You may disable written magical traps as a swift action, and you can cast 5th-level or lower spells from scrolls as a swift action.{{#set:Type=Skill}}{{#set:Prerequisite=None}}

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