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Critical Resistance Edit

Rogues do well, that is until they run into a critically immune foe, of which there are many, including the ever common undead and construct types. Yet it only makes partial sense, is precision damage not striking the enemy in weak points? While a zombie has no vital organs, it can still be crippled through a precise strike to certain parts of the frame. Even golems and plants have weak spots, even while lacking vitals. This rule replaces the normal critical immunity with the concept of critical resistance, a sort of required "damage reduction" which can be bypassed given the correct tools.

Below is a list of various types. When struck with the listed damage type, they are treated as being vulnerable to critical hits and precision damage, as aforementioned weapons are "super effective" against their monster type. Some exceptions may exist on a creature by creature basis. In general, a creature should only be completely immune of the creature in question is absolutely homogenous.

Construct: Criticals enabled via an adamantine weapon.

Deathless: Criticals enabled via an unholy or otherwise profane weapon.

Elemental: Criticals enabled by weapons with an opposing elemental type (Frost vs Fire Elementals, Shocking vs Earth Elementals, etc.)

Ooze: Criticals enabled by weapons with desiccation damage or ooze-specific weaknesses.

Plant: Criticals enabled by weapons with fire damage.

Undead: Criticals enabled via a holy or otherwise sacred weapon.

This variant rule was originally created by Nunkuruji on the Brilliant Gameologist Min/Max boards..

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