Hey, I'm Flamestarter and I kinda figured you may want some help making worlds and stories or maybe help push one along. No one ever asked m for help in this particular area, but I thought that if I'd put up the page, people could correct or add to it to give more accurate information for those who need it.

Topic 1: Pushing a Story Along

This can be hard for some people who have good imaginations but can't think up good story ideas to share. Here are some tips to too assist with that.

a: If you have friends or family you live with, ask them about it.    2-7 people are better at thinking about topics than only 1.

b: Think about what had happened already, what the DM has said, or, if you are the DM, how the players had reacted to certain encounters or puzzles.

c: Look online for story ideas. The internet has a lot of interesting things you could use on there. Just search "dungeons and dragons story ideas".

2: Creating and Telling Stories

Everyone loves a good story, be it romance, horror, action, or non-fiction, everyone has a favourite story type. What's yours? Stories can be hard to write and/or tell. Here are just some of my ideas that may help.

a: No one likes a static expression when hearing a story. Smile. Make a strange face at times. Look as if you have questions. Any face except this. 😔

b: I'm returning to the friends matter. Talk with your players about what they would like to see in the game. Always remember this: it's not YOUR game, everyone involved has an equal contribution to the progression of the game

c: Keep a notebook full (or at least has some) of ideas for the story. The more you have, the easier it will be to improve on or build on the game.

3: Creating the World

This one is intimidating to many new DMs, but it's easier than you think. Especially if you have players who like to help out in the creation of the story.

a: You don't need the whole world immediately, just, say, a town or mountain, mostly because the players, when starting out, can't move very quickly.

b: Make sure you have enough time to make at least a small portion of the world that the heroes are in. Ex. a town, cavern, house, road.

c: If I've said it once, I've said it a million times. Friends make everything easier (unless they are deliberately trying to throw you off) including world building.

If I missed anything or any of my ideas didn't work for you, make sure I know, put it in the comments section, and if you think you can add something, feel free to do exactly that! I'd love it if you would edit and add to this page.

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