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Create B-Movie [{{#arraymap: Metamagic|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::your illusions are awful and represent the death of creativity. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Caster level 5th, must know or be able to cast 5 illusion (figment) spells.|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Your illusions suck unbelievably. They are cheesy, contrived, uncreative, and obviously the work of some stoner monkey retard that wandered into the wrong wizardry class one day.Benefit: You may declare an illusion with the figment descriptor a B-Movie once per day upon casting. The normal spells effects do not function and are automatically disbelieved, as they are obviously an illusion and could not be real (or would be painfully stupid if they were). Instead, the normal Will save is made by the target(s) to avoid a bout of depression and anger for the death of the illusory arts that your spell represents. If failed, the target(s) suffers a morale penalty to all Will save equal to the level of the spell used to make the B-Movie. A successful save has no effect, though the target may decide you have to die now before you make something even shittier.

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