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The "main race" of Cravenholm, these long-armed people have just a hint of undead ancestry, although many hate such creatures for infesting their land.


Most Craven are nimble, their long arms lending to this fact. As a result, many live in trees, swinging from branch to branch with ease. They usually aren't incredibly intelligent, and they have absolutely no arcane colleges, making wizards rare among them. They are the inventors of the retracting grapple crossbow, and use them to climb surfaces too tall or steep to climb normally.

Physical DescriptionEdit

An average Craven is very tall, around 6'5", with red, sunken eyes and usually black hair. Their defining feature is their long, gangly arms. Their forarms are slightly enlarged, and have a small growth of bone shooting backwards, behind the elbow.


Craven are suspicious of all species, but will trust them if enough time is spent together.


They are most often Chaotic Neutral.


The Craven are indigenus to Cravenholm, although some work up the courage to venture to other places and start communities there.


They refuse to worship any god who encourages nercromancy, and as such are wary even of benign practices such as ressurection.


The Craven language is a variant of Elven, replacing the more melodic tones with harsh tones.


Most Craven use human names, but with a prefix based on how many undead they have slain.

Racial TraitsEdit

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