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Date Created: 2006
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Craft of the Soulstealer {{#set:Type=General}} Summary::By studying stolen souls, you have learned to fully tap their power for your magical creations. Prerequisites: Prerequisite::Three or more item creation feats, Prerequisite::caster level 6Benefit: When creating magic items, you can bind a soul into the item by adding the actual receptacle of the soul into the item. In many cases, this is a gemstone that is added as decoration. A single soul is worth GP equal to its CR square, times 100 for magic item creation purposes, and is worth 1/5th of that value in XP. Only one soul may be added to an item, and any extra gold or XP provided by the soul above the cost of the item is wasted. Also, if the creature whose soul was taken had spell-like abilities, these spells may be used as prerequisites for the item's creation.

Any item created by this art radiates the alignment of the soul inside the item, and it also radiates strong evil. If the receptacle containing the soul is removed from the item, the item is destroyed and the soul is released.

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