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The Material Plane[]

Our universe is one of the multiverses most mundane, it is in our universe strict rules govern almost everything, actions have reactions, forces such as gravity rule our every moment. If it where not for the other planes, our existence would be mundane, arcanists would not cast mighty spells, druids and shamans would not channel mighty spirits of nature and our world would not be at a constant threat from the creatures that inhabit the other planes.

The Material Plane is made up of space, a great area void of atmosphere with many stars lighting its cold, soundless reaches, it is around these stars that masses of rock, thus named planets orbit, held in place by the stars gravitational pull. Tyran, the continent that the Age of War Campaign Setting is set is on one of these planets.

Among the other the planes, the one thing that sets the material apart is that its barrier between itself and the endless Void between the universes is the thinnest. This means that it is effected by the other planes, where they are not effected at all. This barrier is so thin, that it allows a complete symmetrical co-existence with the Feywild, allowing the free flow of arcane energy and spirits between the two planes. This also puts the material plane at risk, from any malevolent forces or creatures looking to take on their next victim and so this explains why Gaia, home of Tyran and believed to be one of the only planets with intelligent life in the material plane, is under an almost constant threat from planar foes. This on top of the constant wars raging between Gaia's people puts them at risk of extinction.

Key Locations[]

The Material Plane is home to the following Key Locations.


The Tear[]

The Edge[]

The Feywild[]

The Void[]

The Elemental Chaos[]

The Abyss[]

The Nine Hells[]

The Far Realm[]

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