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Summary::Their parents were somehow interfered with by the lower planes and they became corrupted with fiendish energy.

Possibly through a deal with a devil or an unknown affiliation with a demon, a corrupted creature has fiend blood flowing through his veins, which drastically alters his appearance, often making them more of an outcast in any society.

A Corrupt's skin is red and thicker than normal, males often have very ruggeded and leathery skin (although females still retain a smooth skin). They have horns and sometimes even spines growing from their body. Most can't tell the difference between them and the Fiends themselves.

Creating a Corrupt[]

Corrupt is an inherited template that can be added to any Humanoid or Monstrous Humanoid (hereafter known as the Base Creature).

Size and Type[]

The base creature's type changes to Outsider. They also gain a subtype depending on the Lower Plane they are corrupted by. If they were corrupted by demons, they gain the Demon subtype and if they were corrupted by devils, they gain the Devil subtype. They also gain the Native subtype while on the Material Plane and their corruptor's homeplane, but Extraplanar whenever on a different plane.

Hit Dice[]

All Racial Hit Die become Outsider hit die. Recaluclate BAB, hit points, skills.

Armor Class[]

Natural armor improves by +2 (thus stacking with natural armor the base creature had).


A Corrupted has two claws, which are it's primary natural weapons. If the base creature can use weapons, the Corrupted retains this ability. A Corruped without weapons uses a claw when making an attack action. When it has a weapon, it usually uses the weapon instead.

Full Attack[]

A Corrupted fighting without weapons uses both claws when making a full attack. If armed, it usually uses the weapon as it's primary attack. If it has a hand free, it uses a claw as an additional natural secondary attack.


+2 Constitution, +2 Charisma

Challenge Rating[]



Usually Evil and with a Law/Chaos alignment of their corruptors.

Level Adjustment[]

Level Adjustment::+1.

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