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This page details a weapon with special rules for enhancing and using its magic properties; for more information, see Ray Weapons in Eberron.

Concussion Blaster

Summary::These long-range weapons are devastating on the battlefield, capable of knocking combatants off their feet. Made of translucent crystal, their weight is such that they require two hands to aim and fire, although they can be held in one hand. A concussion blaster fires a ray of invisible force, with a range of 150 ft, that deals 2d6 force damage. In addition, an enemy damaged by a concussion blaster must a Fortitude save, DC 14, or fall prone.

Faint Evocation, CL 5th. Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wondrous Item, magic missile. Cost 12,500 gp + 1,000 xp. Price Cost::25,000 gp.

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