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Houses of DenzenEdit

Chaos - Str



A Denizen of Chaos stands roughly 6' tall when standing with good posture. They usually appear as skinless humans with rippling muscles and solid black eyes. A Denizen isn't always necessarily so horrid to behold either. Their eyes can be kind and understanding, and they may try to cover their raw bodies with clothing as to not startle anyone they meet, but no matter how civilized a Denizen may appear, they will always relapse and do something rash at an inopportune moment.




Chaos FeatsEdit

Relations with Other Aliens(Chaos)Edit

A Denizen of Chaos tends not to keep relations with any one being for too long considering their random nature. They will often meet someone, become friends, and then leave the next day, never making contact again. This nature makes it so that when meeting a Denizen of Chaos, you will never know how they will behave towards you.


It is unknown where Denizens of Chaos come from, considering that not a single one of them can remember back to where they began existence. They tend not to congregate or settle down in any one place either. They're always on the move, always wandering, no matter what has happened in their lives.

Denzen of Chaos CharactersEdit

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