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Eiji-kun (talk)
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Date Created: 10-24-09
Status: Working
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Complete Xeno Edit

Summary::This is all about aliens. A slow work in progress.

Mission Statement: This sourcebook provides material for supplementing your games with all manner of alien features, ranging from settings and races to equipment and classes.

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Credit Edit

Thanks to all those dedicated authors and creative minds who've worked on Complete Xeno. Their efforts are greatly appreciated. For a list of authors and contributors (in no particular order), also see the author box above.

Contents Edit


Complete Xeno
Origins of Aliens
Xenoblooded and Xenotheric
Sufficently Advanced Science...
Introducing Aliens in your Campaign

Chapter 1: The Dutiful Hive

Gokiburi Anatomy
Gokiburi Life
Gokiburi Diet
Gokiburi Houses
Gokiburi Paragon Prestige Class
Gokiburi Specific Feats
Gokiburi Science & Magic
History of Gokia
Solar System & Planets
Gokiburi Religion
Relations with Other Aliens
Gokiburi Lands
Gokiburi Vehicles
Gokiburi Cities
Gokiburi Characters

Chapter 2: The Mind Enslavers

Uberich Anatomy
Uberich Life
Uberich Diet
Uberich Houses
Uberich Paragon Prestige Class
Uberich Specific Feats
Uberich Science & Magic
History of Itoi
Solar System & Planets
Uberich Religion
Relations with Other Aliens
Uberich Arkships
Uberich Vehicles
Uberich Cities
Uberich Characters

Chapter 3: The Strange Explorers

Seppia Anatomy
Seppia Life
Seppia Diet
Seppia Houses
Seppia Paragon Prestige Class
Seppia Specific Feats
Seppia Science & Magic
History of Sepiida
Solar System & Planets
Seppia Religion
Seppia with Other Aliens
Seppia Lands
Seppia Vehicles
Seppia Cities
Seppia Characters

Chapter 4: The Living Planet

Noo Anatomy
Noo Life
Noo Diet
Noo Houses
Noo Paragon Prestige Class
Noo Specific Feats
Noo Science & Magic
History of Noosphere
Solar System & Planets
Noo Religion
Noo with Other Aliens
Noo Lands
Noo Vehicles
Noo Cities
Noo Characters

Chapter 5: The Relics of Old

Tempus Anatomy
Tempus Life
Tempus Diet
Tempus Houses
Tempus Paragon Prestige Class
Tempus Specific Feats
Tempus Science & Magic
History of Nex
Solar System & Planets
Tempus Religion
Tempus with Other Aliens
Tempus Lands
Tempus Vehicles
Tempus Cities
Tempus Characters

Chapter 6: The Survivors

Introducing Appilons
As Non-Player Characters
As Player Characters
Character Options
Magic, Technology & Equipment
Olum System & Planets
Messos Myonel
Olum System & Planets
Neighbors Far & Wide

Chapter 7: The Unreal (Uongo-mijusi)

Uongo-mijusi Anatomy
Hibernation and Insomnia
External Anatomy
Internal Anatomy
Uongo-mijusi Life
Uongo-mijusi Paragon Prestige Class
Uongo-mijusi Specific Feats
Uongo-mijusi Science & Magic
History of Uongo-mijusi
Uongo-mijusi Planet
Relations with Other Aliens
Uongo-mijusi Vehicles
Uongo-mijusi Characters

Chapter 8: The Specialists (Denzen)

Houses of Denzen
Denizen of Chaos
Chaos Feats
Relations with Other Aliens
Denizen of Limbo
Denizen of Order
Denizen of Shadow
Denizen of Twilight
Denizen of Valiancy
Science & Magic
History of Denzen
Denzen Planets

Chapter 9: Alien Monsters

Creatures of Gokia
Creatures of Itoi
Creatures of Sepiida
Creatures of Noosphere
Creatures of Nex
Monsters of Other Worlds
Uncommon Races

Chapter 10: Heroes In Space

Base Classes & Alternate Class Features
Prestige Classes
Alien Feats
Alien Magic
Magic Items

Chapter 11: Alien Adventures

Campaign Concepts
Environmental Dangers
Alien Organizations
Alien Lore
Epic Alien Characters

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