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Balance: Rogue

Combat Acrobat [{{#arraymap: Fighter, Combat Form|, |x|Type::x}}] Summary::In battle, you are able to move fluidly, befuddling your opponents. Prerequisites: {{#arraymap: Combat Focus, Dex 13|,|x|Prerequisite::x}}Benefit: Tumble and Balance are always class skills for you, and you always have ranks in Tumble equal to 1/2 your base attack bonus plus three, or your fighter level plus three, whichever is higher. While in combat focus, you gain the following benefits; you may reduce to 0 the armor check penalty of any armor or shield you are wearing and raise the maximum dexterity bonus of any armor by 2 , and you gain a +3 bonus to Balance,Tumble, Climb, and Jump.Special: If you have 6 or more, the bonus to the skills improves to +4. If you have 12 or more, the bonus to the skills improves to +5.

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