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Cloud of Indolence Edit

{{#set:Summary= Inhaled poison that makes the victim sluggish.}} While still in its vial, this poison is a dark red liquid. When thrown to the ground it breaks on contact and reacts with oxygen forming a 15 foot radius of red-tinted gray smoke. Inhaling the smoke causes the victims to become sluggish and less aware of their surroundings.

The area is completely filled in one round, but dissipates differently depending on the size of the room it's in:

  • In a room that is not big enough for the smoke (less than 20 x 20) it dissipates in 6 rounds.
  • In a room up to twice the size of the smoke (up to 50 x 50) it dissipates in 4 rounds.
  • In a room greater than twice the size of the smoke (more than 50 x 50) it dissipates in 3 rounds.

Ingredients: Juices of mountain fungi (high altitude with little oxygen) and a pinch of ground rosemary.

Type: Inhaled
Initial Damage: 1d8 Dex damage, movement speed reduced by half, -2 to attack rolls. DC: 17
Secondary Damage: (After one minute) 1d4 Dex damage, -1 to attack rolls. DC: 15 (Stacking effects)
Effects go away after 8 hours of sleep.

Price: Cost::1,300 gp.

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