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Nuts are a veritable aphrodesiac for Chocobos, helping them to reproduce and often having a factor in the chances of producing a wonderful chocobo or a different color chocobo.

For a full description of chocobo breeding, see the chocobo breeding variant rule.

Carob NutVery Common250 gpThis multi-colored nut has every color from every chocobo. Its shell is a dull gray.
Pipio NutCommon500 gpThis nut is so glossy as to be almost reflective, and has a faint golden sheen to it. The shell is a dull gray.
Porom NutCommon500 gpThis nut is light blue, with a shell to match.
Palam NutUncommon700 gpThis nut is bright pink, with a shell to match
Lassin NutUncommon700 gpThis nut is pink, with a light red shell.
Ruchin NutUncommon750 gpThis nut is navy blue, with a shell to match.
Param NutVery Uncommon1,000 gpThis nut is red, with a shell to match.
Saraha NutVery Uncommon1,000 gpThis nut is deep crimson, with a shell to match.
Porofu NutVery Uncommon1,500 gpThis nut is a silvery gray with a very dark brown shell.
Brown NutVery Uncommon2,500 gpThe dark brown nut in its beige shell seems to be heavier than you would think.
Dark Blue NutVery Uncommon2,500 gpThe nut inside its bright blue shell is a dark, glossy blue.
Purple NutVery Uncommon2,500 gpThis glossy lavender nut has a deep purple shell.
Red NutVery Uncommon2,500 gpThis vibrantly red nut's shell is a dark crimson color.
Pram NutRare8,000 gpThis nut is aquamarine and has a soft, mud-colored shell.
Green NutRare9,500 gpThis green nut has a dark brown shell.
Light Blue NutRare9,500 gpThis nut is a light, aquatic blue in a darker blue shell.
Porov NutVery Rare11,000 gpThis nut is a dull gray, with a salt-and-pepper shell.
Black NutVeryRare12,500 gpThis nut is a dull black in a similarly colored and very hard shell.
White NutVery Rare12,500 gpThis nut is a pasty white in a similarly colored and very hard shell.
Xeio NutExceedingly Rare25,000 gpThis nut appears to be mostly black with gray stripes. It grows in a pasty-white shell that is almost impossible to crack open for a human.
Zeio NutImpossibly Rare50,000 gpThis nut is in a plain brown shell. The nut itself is yellow, but with a seemingly golden sheen to it.

Xeio and Zeio nuts cannot be bought because they have never been successfully cultivated, but are found growing on trees in the wild. The prices given are what such rare nuts usually sell and are purchased for.

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