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Chocobos are creatures of travel. They are made for moving great distances in small amounts of time. For this reason, chocobos are domesticated, bred, raced, and trained for war.

Chocobos are treated as normal mounts for all purposes of riding and pulling and for the effects, benefits, and purposes of the handle animal and ride skills. As such, chocobos can be purchased as mounts and used as a paladin's special mount.

A paladin can opt to have a chocobo as his special mount, but he cannot do so until later in his levels. A paladin who desires to have a chocobo as his special mount may only do so when his Paladin level equals or exceeds his chosen chocobo's CR + 1. At this point, the chocobo is treated as a normal mount, but gains the benefits that entails as if the Paladin had Paladin levels equal to his current paladin level, minus his chocobo's CR. For example, a 15th level paladin acquires a dark blue chocobo as his special mount. The chocobo acts normally according to the rules for both chocobos and special mounts, but the benefits the chocobo and paladin gain from the relationship are as if the paladin were level 4 (paladin level 15 - chocobo CR 11).

Table: Chocobo Mounts
ChocoboPriceRequired Paladin
Level for Mount
Poor Yellow Chocobo12,500 gpLevel 9
Yellow Chocobo25,000 gpLevel 11
Wonderful Yellow Chocobo50,000 gpLevel 13
Poor Brown Chocobo25,000 gpLevel 10
Brown Chocobo50,000 gpLevel 12
Wonderful Brown Chocobo100,000 gpLevel 14
Poor Dark Blue Chocobo25,000 gpLevel 10
Dark Blue Chocobo50,000 gpLevel 12
Wonderful Dark Blue Chocobo100,000 gpLevel 14
Poor Purple Chocobo25,000 gpLevel 10
Purple Chocobo50,000 gpLevel 12
Wonderful Purple Chocobo100,000 gpLevel 14
Poor Red Chocobo25,000 gpLevel 10
Red Chocobo50,000 gpLevel 12
Wonderful Red Chocobo100,000 gpLevel 14
Poor Green Chocobo250,000 gpLevel 11
Green Chocobo500,000 gpLevel 13
Wonderful Green Chocobo600,000 gpLevel 15
Poor Light Blue Chocobo250,000 gpLevel 11
Light Blue Chocobo500,000 gpLevel 13
Wonderful Light Blue Chocobo600,000 gpLevel 15
Poor Black Chocobo350,000 gpLevel 12
Black Chocobo700,000 gpLevel 14
Wonderful Black Chocobo750,000 gpLevel 16
Poor White Chocobo350,000 gpLevel 12
White Chocobo700,000 gpLevel 14
Wonderful White Chocobo750,000 gpLevel 16
Poor Gray Chocobo500,000 gpLevel 13
Gray Chocobo1,000,000 gpLevel 15
Wonderful Gray Chocobo2,000,000 gpLevel 17
Poor Gold Chocobo1,125,000 gpLevel 14
Gold Chocobo2,500,000 gpLevel 16
Wonderful Gold Chocobo5,000,000 gpLevel 18
Table: Chocobo Mount Gear
Bit and Bridle75 gp2 lb.
Feed (per day)2 gp15 lb.
Saddle, Military125 gp50 lb.
Saddle, Pack20 gp25 lb.
Saddle, Riding75 gp35 lb.
Saddlebags10 gp10 lb.
Stabling (per day)2 gp

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