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Greens are the entire nutritional meal of a healthy chocobo. All chocobos are herbivores and all chocobos love greens. Chocobos will eat berries, leaves, grass, and sometimes even bark, but greens have the most nutritional value for a Chocobo, besides being absolutely delicious to them.

Most chocobos are caught by offering them greens as a sign of friendship, distracting them long enough for you to move in and surround or lasso them. Being docile, they will easily submit to following someone who is leading them by a rope if they have just been given greens.

There are many kinds of greens, from Gysahl to Sylkis, and all of them have a unique effect on a chocobo that eats them. In some areas where specific greens grow, Wonderful Chocobos are born more frequently.

Green Availability Price Effect Time to Eat Decription
Gysahl Very Common 100 gp +2 temporary HP for 5 rounds 2 rounds This green is almost ubiquitous any where here are chocobos to be found.
Krakka Common 250 gp +2 temporary Wisdom bonus for 5 rounds 3 rounds Rumored to sharpen a chocobo's senses, this green is widely used.
Tantal Common 400 gp +5 ft. speed, +5 temporary HP, +2 temporary Wisdom bonus for 3 rounds 3 rounds This green is given to chocobos before short-distance races, making them run faster and harder and concentrate better.
Pahsana Uncommon 800 gp +4 temporary Wisdom bonus for 5 rounds 3 rounds This greens often makes chocobos act a little skittish and over-aware for a while.
Curiel Uncommon 1000 sp +5 ft. speed, +5 temporary HP for 5 rounds 4 rounds Used to feed racing chocobo, this green is difficult to acquire from any place but towns with a chocobo race track.
Mimett Very Uncommon 1500 gp +10 ft. speed, +10 temporary HP for 5 rounds 5 rounds This green is detested by most chocobos for its flavor, but a few love it more than candy.
Reagan Rare 3000 gp +15 ft. speed, +15 temporary HP for 10 rounds 2 rounds This coveted green is trafficked only amongst the most highbrow and dedicated of breeders and racers. Many country pay fortunes for Reagan-green fed Choco-calvary.
Sylkis Very Rare 5000 gp +15 ft. speed, +20 temporary HP, +6 temporary Wisdom bonus for 10 rounds 1 rounds A great green, it is difficult to cultivate and often can only be found growing in the wild.

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