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Chocobo Breeding Alternative[]

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This is an alternative to the other rules for breeding chocobos. It involves only Poor Yellow Chocobos, Normal Yellow Chocobos, Good Yellow Chocobos, Great Yellow Chocobos, Wonderful Yellow Chocobos, Light Blue Chocobos, Green Chocobos, Black Chocobos, and Gold Chocobos. It is a simpler version that is more true to the Final Fantasy VII breeding system. Only two nuts are involved (more can be added they just never do anything).

In this system, chocobo only ever mate when using a nut. Never do chocobos mate without a nut.

The Nuts[]

Carob Nuts[]

If two wonderful chocobos mate with this nut...

This nut is a rare nut found only in the possession of Dinosaur.

It can be used to mate two Wonderful Yellow Chocobos and get a Light Blue Chocobo or a Green Chocobo. The color is determine by rolling d%, 1-50 being Light Blue and 51-100 being Green.

It can also be used when mating a Light Blue Chocobo and a Green Chocobo together to get a Black Chocobo.

Zeio Nuts[]

This nut is a rare nut found only in the possession of Goblins on Goblin Island.

It can be used to mate a Wonderful Yellow Chocobos and a Black Chocobo to get a Gold Chocobo.

Other Nuts[]

When chocobos mate with any nut besides a Zeio nut or a Carob nut, they get a chocobo of the same kind. When two chocobos of a different kind (like a great yellow and a green) the lesser of the two chocobos is made (a great yellow in that case).


Gender for any union is determined by rolling d%: 1-50 is Male, 51-100 is Female.

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