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Chainmail Bikini[edit | edit source]

{{#set:Summary=Chainmail woefully low in quantity, it must be placed in the path of danger to offer protective value.}}

The chainmail bikini is any one of many variations of chainmail armor generally covers the crotch, breasts, and sometimes parts of the lower legs and forearms. Although it is primarily a form of protection popular among females, male barbarian versions with reduced focus on covering the chest are also available.

Shield Bonus: +3

Maximum Dex Bonus: -

Armor Check Penalty: -2

Arcane Spell Failure Chance: 10%

Size Cost Weight hp
Fine 20 gp 1 lb. 2
Diminuative 20 gp 1-1/2 lb. 3
Tiny 20 gp 3-1/2 lb. 5
Small 40 gp 7-1/2 lb. 10
Medium 40 gp 15 lb. 20
Large 80 gp 30 lb. 40
Huge 160 gp 60 lb. 80
Gargantuan 320 gp 120 lb. 160
Colossal 640 gp 240 lb. 320

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