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{{#set:Summary=Weapon material is converted to celestial bone, and gains a number of special properties.}}

Bone, Celestial

Weapons possessing this quality have not only their appearances altered, but their entire composition. This powerful enchantment literally change the weapon from one of wood, metal, or stone to one of celestial bone—the very essence of goodness and light. Weapons converted to celestial bone retain all prior bonuses and abilities, but with a few additional exceptional properties:

  • These items shine with a divine light, constantly radiating as if a daylight spell had been cast on them.
  • These weapons cannot be broken by any mortal means (although spells such as disintegrate and disjunction do have a chance of destroying them).
  • A celestial bone weapon confers the following powers upon the wielder once per day: bless, shield of faith, and holy smite.
  • Cleric and paladin wielders can add the weapon’s enchantment bonus to their turn undead checks.
  • Any non-good creature that picks up the weapon gains two negative levels that cannot be overcome in any way; although they never result in actual level loss and disappear when the weapon is set down again.

Strong conjuration; CL 12th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, gentle repose, planar ally; Price Cost::+3 bonus.

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