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Captchalogue CardEdit

Summary::A device capable of storing, but not necessarily retrieving, an item weightlessly.

A Captchalogue Card is shaped like a small white rectangle of cardstock, with a colored border depending on its location and the image of whatever item is stored (Captcha'd) within. It will display an arcane Image Formula on the back describing the details of the Captcha'd object's state, and an Item Code which can be used via Punchcard Alchemy to duplicate the object or combine it with others (this process consumes at least as many resources as magic item creation, and often resources that don't exist except in the abstract, such as the much-sought Build Grist).

A character can store any object (including a composite object) on the card so long as they could pick it up and carry it. Captchalogue Cards can also store "ghost images" of objects through various processes, even objects that are not able to be actually placed in the card; these ghost images can be used to determine the corresponding Item Code of the object when the object itself is unavailable or cannot be Captcha'd.

An object can only be extracted from a Captchalogue Card when the card is allocated to a Sylladex, Strife Specibus, or other specialized magical device.

Faint universal; CL 1st; Craft Wondrous Item, shrink item; Price 10 gp.

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