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Capped skill Bonus[]

Skills were alway a problematic part of D&D, from Incantatrix spellcraft abuse to the diplomancer, abusing skills can effectively created massive power creep and bring many balance issue, such as completely breaking skills like bluff and diplomacy.

This variant cap skill bonus at HD + 13. A 1st level character skill cap would be +14 (ranks, ability bonus and items included). Racial bonus actually ignore this rule (make them more useful).

If you somehow exceed your maximum skill bonus, instead of getting additional bonus you simply gain the ability to reroll the particular skill once (immediate action) once per day per skill point above your capped bonus (player may choose between the 2). So a 13th level character with a +28 bonus (max +26) would still add +26 to his skill check, but gain the ability to reroll this skill check twice per day.

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