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This is currently a placeholder main page for all Dungeons and Dragons Canon material. As our first batch of material is imported and added, this page will be updated with links and likely change format slightly.
This wiki contains a lot of canonical material (that is, describing truthfully what was published by [[TSR]], [[WotC]] or others, in the scope of a particular rules edition). We distinguish among the following editions:
*Here is an alphabetical [http://dungeons.wikia.com/index.php?title=Special%3AAllPages&from=&to=&namespace=118 list of existing Canon Material].
* '''[[Canon:0e|0e]]''' - the "zeroth" edition (the original five booklets of 197x, re-released in 2013)
* '''[[Canon:1e|1e]]''' - any edition of the first D&D (Holmes-1977, Moldvay-1981, Mentzer-198x, Denning-199x, Allston-199x) of the BECMI kind or the first edition of AD&D (Gygax 1977-1987)
* '''[[Canon:2e|2e]]''' - either second edition of AD&D or its expansion (Players' Option)
* '''[[Canon:3e|3e]]''' - D&D 3.0 or D&D 3.5
* '''[[Canon:4e|4e]]''' - D&D 4
* '''[[Canon:5e|5e]]''' - D&D Next or D&D 5

Please note that all contributions to the Dungeons and Dragons Wiki are considered to be released under the CC-BY-SA

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