Created By: LordRimus
Date Created: 28th July 2019
Status: Pre-Release
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Conjuration (Calling)
Level: Sorcerer 9, Wizard 9, Cleric 9
Components: V, S, M, XP
Casting time: 1 Standard Action
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Effect: [see text]
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

Spell Description Edit

With this spell you can call a creature from any plane, including material plane. Any non-unique creature can be called, be it elementals, demons, devils, humanoids, animals, fey, angels, etc. Maximum HD of called creatures with one spell casting is equal to TWICE caller's effective Caster Level. Each single creature's HD cannot be higher than HALF of caster's effective Caster Level.

All called creatures are put under Dimensional Anchor and Charm Monster effects for an hour. After this hour passes, those effect will cease to function, and called creatures are free to flee or attack their summoner, if not trapped or enchanted by summoner properly.

Deities, Unique beings as well as any specific being can be called with this spell if their True Name are known to the caster, but are not subject to other effects of the spell. It is not necessary to pronounce their True Name out loud.

When calling, one can specify characteristics of intended calling in up to 9 words, after specifying number and species of called creatures. The specifying characteristics could be type, allignment, approximate age, gender, looks (dependent on caster's preferences), relative strength, character, physical traits etc.

One can call a specific creature, which true name is known, regardless of HD or uniqueness with this spell, creature does not get a will save at all and will be called regardless.

If number of called creatures is not specified, spell will call maximum possible beings within specified conditions.

One cannot specify different characteristics for different creatures in one calling. All creatures will be close to one specification. If caller did specify different characteristics regardless, spell will fail.

For example one can describe called as "Three Succubi: exceptional magic talent" or "One Balor: uncharacteristically weak stupid" or "Two Elder Fire Elementals" or "One Half-Orc: strong young smart male" or "Five Humans: extremely knowledgeble amiable scholars" or "Two Drow: exceptionally beautiful smart magically talented young adult virgin female" or just "Ogres" or "Lemures".

If called creature dies within 24 hours after calling, caller will suffer nonlethal damage equal to called creature's total HP.

Material Component: One ruby with value of at least 25gp for each HD of called creatures.

XP Component: 100 XP for each HD of called creatures, with 100 XP minimum.

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