Elves live not in reverence to nature, but at peace with it. Unlike other settings, Elves in Caelistis are very modern. They focus greatly on arts and technology, and are far from forest-dwelling nomads. Their connection to nature manifests in the odd proximity they have to nature in their settlements. In a traditional human village, it's clear where the wild ends and the village begins. The ground is pounded flat by machine or the footsteps of man, only domestic animals present. In an elven village, though, the elves cannot escape nature. Trees grown naturally between buildings and in walkways, flora spreads like wildfire. Wild animals wade throughout the town, not alienated by the civilized structure. Because of these things, elven settlements are usually rather intimidating to members of other races who are unaccustomed to finding deer, antelope, and other normally easily frightened animals walking around one moment, and then finding a bear crawl through the town, sniffing trees and looking for food.




Orcs have grown much, as a society, since their creation by Kelsh. They are very civilized, productive people. Although they have a stereotype of being cruel, their culture has similar taboos against hurting children and innocents the way most others do. They are, however, often coldly pragmatic, choosing the best choice for any given scenario regardless of superstitions or emotional attachments. They live in harsh-looking stone buildings, usually square, built on top of one-another in order to provide as much room as possible. Because of their close living conditions, Orcs have strong bonds with those they live near, often treating them as family. Strength is something that is strongly worked towards in Orc societies. In the past, those who seemed weak would be eliminated, but in recent years those who seem weak are usually pushed as much as possible to become stronger, and, should that fail, they are put into working positions where they can not be liabilities. Many Orcs worship gods of strength or community, and a few visionaries worship Barbatus in order to become leaders for their communities.

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