Races in CaelistisEdit

'"In Caelistis, each race can trace its roots back to the god that made them."' However, many of them are offspring of a mixture between races, some even the creation of other races using, or misusing, magic. Below are the links to history and flavor of various races. As many things are the same as the base, Greyhawk setting, not everything will change.

Humanity in CaelistisEdit

'"Humans were the first. Everyone knows that."' But when a lot of humans aren't sure what that means, socially. A lot of other races think humans are all too eager to tell everyone exactly what it means.

Races Created by GodsEdit

'"There were races that came second, all at once, and their populous speaks for that."' Elves, dwarves, halflings, and orcs were the second races to appear on Caelistis. As such, they control most of the world after humans. If humans are the upper class and nobles, those four are the affluent middle class.

The "Others"Edit

'"There are, of course, others that appeared... But they just live here."' There are thousands of other creatures in Caelistis, but despite some of their legitimate intelligence and ingenuity, they are often treated like less that the others. Considering they total up to more than the first and second races, however, they carve their own places into Caelistisian society.

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