Church of SitriEdit

Churches of Sitri are often large, simple, stone buildings. They hold many libraries, many practice halls, and large rooms full of maps where tactical assaults are planned. The church is well known for being amazing scouts, and their worshipers are pragmatic loners in combat. They are also called to help small skirmisher groups plan attacks, and occasionally hired as assassins.

Affiliation Score Titles and Benefits
3 or lower Not affiliated, or junior member.
4-14 Scout: Do an additional 1d3 points of damage on attacks to opponents who's dexterity modifier does not apply. Increase this by an additional 1d3 for every 10 affiliation points your character has.
15-22 Infiltrator: Gain a +4 to any knowledge checks used against enemies in combat.
23-29 Skirmisher: Any cover you use becomes improved cover, giving a +8 bonus to AC and a +4 to Reflex saves.
30+ Pragmatist: Any circumstance bonus that applies to attack rolls or AC is increased by 4 in combat.
Action Affiliation Points Gained
Character Level +1/2 level
Have ranks in Knowledge (Religion) +1/4 per rank
Cleric or Favored Soul class +4
Ranger, Scout, or Rogue class +2
Have proficiency with the longbow +1
4 or more ranks in Knowledge (Geography) +2
Holds their own in a against a creature at least 3 CR higher than their level in battle +1
Holds their own in a 3-1 battle +2
Have defeated at least 12 people by themselves in a row +4
Have dexterity higher than 20 +4
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