Church of SabnockEdit

Sabnock's churches are usually simple buildings, made to be very efficient and lasting. Usually they are put up in very dangerous places, as monuments to the resilience of Sabnock's followers. As members grow in rank, they become harder to effect negatively, as their bodies and minds grow resistant to all danger.

Affiliation Score Titles and Benefits
3 or lower Not affiliated, or junior member.
4-14 Tough: Choose one save, Fort, Ref, or Will, and add half of your Con modifier as a perfection bonus to that save. Once this decision is made, it cannot be changed.
15-22 Resistant: You gain damage reduction equal to 1/5 your affiliation points that cannot be overcome by anything (eg, DR 3/-)
23-29 Resilient: Add your Con modifier as a perfection bonus to armor class. In addition, the save to which half your Con modifier applied now adds your entire bonus, and the other two saves gain a bonus equal to half your Con modifier.
30+ Indominable: A number of times per day equal to half your Con modifier, you may negate all damage an attack or spell would deal to you. This must be decided before any attack rolls or saving throws are made. Death effects cannot be negated, but any damage they may deal on a successful saving throw can be stopped.
Action Affiliation Points Gained
Character Level +1/2 level
Have ranks in Knowledge (Religion) +1/4 per rank
Cleric, or Favored Soul class +2
Have a base save of +4 or higher +2 per save
Higher than 20 Con +2
Has taken more than 50 damage in one hit and survived +2
Has taken more than 150 damage in one hit and survived +6
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