Church of PaimonEdit

Paimon's followers are artists and entertainers, often street magicians or sometimes even pickpockets. Their Churches are almost always exquisite manses, full of unique sculptures, paintings, poetry, and other pieces of art. They also hold a surprising amount of historical artifacts. Those who side with gods of scholarly pursuits (such as Vassago or Agares) know a darker secret of the church. The artifacts they show are always purposefully fragmented and broken, or are purely lies, for Paimon's worshipers could be called enemies of knowledge. They believe that the true joy of knowledge is in discovery-- If they find it, they learn it, and they make sure that everyone else gets to experience the joy of finding it themselves.

Affiliation Score Titles and Benefits
3 or lower Not affiliated, or junior member.
4-14 Critic: Gain a +6 on Gather Information when asking about local legends.
15-22 Artiste: Choose Balance, Escape Artist, Perform, Sleight of Hand, Tumble, or a Craft. This skill is considered your performance skill, and you gain a perfection bonus to this skill equal to 1/5 your affiliation points.
23-29 Visionary:
30+ Majestic:
Action Affiliation Points Gained
Character Level +1/2 level
Have ranks in Knowledge (Religion) +1/4 per rank
Rogue, Bard, Cleric, or Favored Soul class +2
Have 4 ranks in Gather Information +2
Chaotic alignment +2
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