Church of CaimEdit

The Church of Caim is a very cruel religion. They believe that brutality and violence is the path to power over all peers and opposition. They channel the wrath of their god and ritualistically destroy large objects, such as statues or even houses. While there is some organization in the church, it is a barbaric hierarchy based on who fears who the most. The leaders usually rally their raiders and plan attacks on weaker churches, and those who don't participate usually wander Caelistis in small groups referred to as "breaks", attacking travelers and causing trouble.

Affiliation Score Titles and Benefits
3 or lower Not affiliated, or junior member.
4-14 Breaker: You gain a minor Rage ability. A number of times per day equal to your affiliation points divided by 5, you may, as a free action, enter a holy wrath. The holy wrath functions similar to the Barbarian's rage, except as noted. You gain +2 Str and Con, which lasts for a number of rounds equal to your new Str modifier (minimum 1), and you gain a +5 on Strength checks made to break objects. If you already have Rage or a similar ability, you may instead use up a daily use of that ability to enter Holy Wrath, but you are not fatigued afterward.
15-22 Savage: A number of times per day equal to your Str modifier, you may make a destructive blow, which deals double damage to objects in place of any attack. At 30 or higher affiliation, the attack instead deals triple damage to objects.
23-29 Ravager: Any time you successfully destroy an enemy's weapon or shield with a sunder attempt, you may make a extra attack against them at your highest base attack bonus. This extra attack may not be a sunder attempt.
30+ Destroyer: Any weapon you wield is treated as adamantine for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction and hardness. You automatically succeed on any Strength checks with a DC equal to or lower than your affiliation score.
Action Affiliation Points Gained
Character Level +1/2 level
Have ranks in Knowledge (Religion) +1/4 per rank
Barbarian, Cleric, or Favored Soul class +2
Have 4 ranks in Intimidate +2
Has sundered a weapon in combat +1
Has sundered 5 or more weapons in a single combat +2
Has dealt over 50 damage to an object in one swing +2
Higher than 20 Str +2
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