Church of AllocesEdit

The hierarchy of is a simple one, based on deeds done for the church and business offers completed, as they are also the main postal service. While some followers are primarily messengers, there are of course standard holy men and women who travel around the world to spread the joy of travel and movement, flying and running. The church is well known to others for its yearly pentathlons. They are often dramatic and go through dangerous areas. Winners are usually not based around speed alone, as those who are able to endure long runs in harsh climates usually come out ahead.

Affiliation Score Titles and Benefits
3 or lower Not affiliated, or junior member.
4-14 Messenger: Gain a +5 bonus to your base movement speed.
15-22 Runner: Gain a bonus to constitution checks to avoid non-lethal damage from a forced march equal to 1/3 your affiliation points.
23-29 Sprinter: Gain a +8 perfection bonus to jump checks when you have a running start.
30+ Gale: A number of times per day equal to 1/6 your affiliation points, you may gain a fly speed as a free action. This lasts for a number of rounds equal to your dexterity modifier, after which you will fall if still airborne. You must wait at least 1 round between uses.
Action Affiliation Points Gained
Character Level +1/2 level
Have ranks in Knowledge (Religion) +1/4 per rank
Cleric, or Favored Soul class +2
Have the Run feat +2
Have a movement score of higher than 30ft per round +1
Placed 3rd in the Pentathlon +2
Placed 2nd in the Pentathlon +4
Placed 1st in the Pentathlon +6
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