Archery DomainEdit

You gain Precise Shot as a bonus feat.
  • 1st: Arrow Mind
  • 2nd: Cat's Grace
  • 3rd: Flame Arrow
  • 4th: Invisibility, Greater
  • 5th: Nightstalker Transformation
  • 6th: Repulsion
  • 7th: Arrow of Bone
  • 8th: Lightning Ring
  • 9th: Foresight

Construct DomainEdit

Gift of Reconstruction (Su): Once per day a cleric may repair constructs or items a number of hit points equal to Cleric Level times Int bonus (minimum 1). The entire pool need not be used in one attempt, and can be split up among multiple attempts in a day.
  • 1st: Repair Light Damage
  • 2nd: Weapon Augmentation, Personal
  • 3rd: Repair Moderate Damage
  • 4th: Armor Augmentation
  • 5th: Repair Serious Damage
  • 6th: Weapon Augmentation
  • 7th: Repair Construct
  • 8th: Weapon Augmentation, Greater
  • 9th: Construct Recreation
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