Blighted UndeadEdit

Blighted Undead are creatures of Belial who work to spread her blight across the landscape. They are created in rituals where things are raised as special zombies that spread a disease to any plants they touch, filled with an insatiable hunger for vegetation. Belial's followers normally only make animals into Blighted Undead, but in times of war or extreme aggression, they have been known to turn humanoids into blighted undead, as well.

Creating a Blighted UndeadEdit

The Blighted Undead template may be added to any creature to which the zombie template is already applied. It produces the following changes.

Special Qualities: Blight, Light Weakness, Aura of Decay

Blight (Su): Disease, DC 14 fort, incubation 1d4 hours. 1d4+1 con damage. If the subject dies from con damage, any flora within a mile of them begin to rot until a Hallow spell is cast on the body. While infected, any plants that come within an inch of the subject dies. Plant type creatures take an additional 1 damage from the subject's natural and unarmed attacks.

Light Weakness (Su): In strong daylight, such as that produced by the daylight spell, a Blighted Undead looses its Blight ability.

Aura of Decay (Su): Any Blighted Undead has an aura of decay that extends to fill their 5 foot square. Any plants in that area die, and any plant-type creatures in that area take 1d8 points of damage per round.

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