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{{#set:Summary= contact poison that causes the victim laugh uncontrollably in a paralytic fit.}} Cachin is a most potent extract from the notorious laughing shroom, and is sometimes used in interrogations in kingdoms and countries where actual torture is prohibited by law. Cachin, named after the act of cachinnation (meaning to laugh, and often inordinately loudly so), eventually renders its victims immobile on the floor, where all they can do is laugh uncontrollably. The effects of cachin will eventually fade on their own; after the initial 12 hours, the paralysis lifts, and the laughing will cease 2d6 hours later.

Type: Contact DC 19
Initial Effect: Victim falls under the effect of the hideous laughter spell.
Secondary Effect: Paralysis (except for the head, which can still move... and laugh)
Price: Cost::550 gp

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